Year: 2020

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) and its members regularly develop resources and guidance to help allied health practitioners in their work and to support their ongoing education and professional development.

AHPA may also occasionally share resources developed by other organisations. The resources available through AHPA are intended to be multidisciplinary in nature and reflect the organisation’s broad focus. If you are seeking resources for a specific profession, please visit the homepage of your professional association. We ask that you do not host or reproduce these resources without express permission from AHPA or the original content developer.

26 August 2020 • AHPA Resources

Digital Health Inclusion Tool

AHPA’s Digital Inclusion Assessment and Planning Tool for Allied Health Providers has been developed to help allied health professionals engage with digital health technologies including My Health Record, secure messaging and telehealth. It is intended to help allied health providers assess their own understanding of these technologies and determine how they would benefit their practice and patients.

Once practitioners have completed a self-assessment, the tool provides links to a range of resources for further reading and support to implement digital health tools.

Download Digital Inclusion Assessment and Planning Tool for Allied Health Providers (.pdf, 2.22 MB)

17 July 2020 • Clinical practice

Communicating safe eating and drinking

Safer Care Victoria has released new guidance on communicating safe eating and drinking requirements for high-risk patients in Victorian hospitals. The guidance focuses on five key areas to guide effective communication for safe eating and drinking and provides tools for health services to help support implementation, including a fact sheet for patients, families and carers.

Visit Safer Care Victoria website

10 June 2020 • AHPA Resources

Telehealth guide for allied health professionals

AHPA has produced a guide addressing technical, privacy and security, and clinical assessment aspects of telehealth for allied health professionals . This resource was produced in response to the expansion of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic but the document provides an overall introduction to telehealth.

Download Telehealth Guide for Allied Health Professionals (.pdf, 2.99 MB)