AHPA advocacy priority areas

AHPA advocacy priority areas

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) and its members work to increase the role and contribution of allied health in Australia’s health system. We believe that an effective contemporary health system must utilise, value, and fund all three health workforces – allied health, medical and nursing. Yet we consistently find that despite the many areas in which our health system excels, it continues to lag behind consumer need in supporting access to allied health services for consumers. A range of issues across different health areas are limiting the ability of allied health professionals to meet the needs of the Australian community.

Our advocacy priority document outlines a range of key issues that form the basis for much of our advocacy work. By addressing these issues, Australian governments, health departments, and other key health funders could support the allied health sector to contribute fully to meeting the health needs of Australian consumers and building a more effective and cost efficient health system.

Our advocacy priority document can be accessed below. If you have any feedback you might wish to provide to guide future advocacy work focused on these topics, please contact us.


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