Submission: NDIS Provider and Worker Registration Taskforce Consultation Process

AHPA has contributed to the development of a risk-proportionate regulatory model for all NDIS providers and workers, following Recommendation 17 of the NDIS Review Final Report. This submission builds on the preliminary comments AHPA provided to the NDIS Provider and Worker Registration Taskforce (‘Taskforce’) on 1 May 2024 before our meeting with the Taskforce.

Despite allied health providers presenting a low risk to quality and participant safety, and pre-existing regulatory processes external to the NDIS, our professionals are over-regulated via existing NDIS registration requirements.

The associated time and cost burdens are having flow-on effects that are exacerbating workforce shortages in an already under-supplied market.

This submission elaborates on this, and proposes that given that allied health professionals are not inherently high or even medium risk NDIS providers, and are already subject to comprehensive regulatory processes outside the NDIS,  formal NDIS registration should be at a low-level, analogous to Medicare registration.


You can red the submission which details AHPA’s recommendations below.