AHPA is pleased to partner with Cemplicity.

In healthcare, the patient is at the center and the purpose in everything we do. As such, there is value and an obligation to listen to and act upon the voice of our patients to improve what we do now and in the future. As well as capture the true value of allied health through the eyes of our patients.

We’re excited to be partnering with Cemplicity, leaders in patient-reported measure. Capturing real-time feedback from every single patient allows staff to deep dive into trends and correlations at an individual, group, or aggregate level. This makes it easier than ever for allied health teams to harness the power of patient feedback to identify opportunities for quality improvement and ultimately to drive better outcomes for the patient.

Cemplicity was launched in 2013 when the two founders committed to focus sophisticated experience and outcomes technology and approach where it can have the greatest impact – the world of health. Since then they’ve never looked back.

“Our mission at Cemplicity is to improve people’s lives and we do that by enabling healthcare organisation to use the patient voice to identify and action operational and clinical improvement.”

Together Cemplicity and AHPA are committed to bring thought leadership to the allied health sector about the power of real-time, and practical patient-reported measures. Participating AHPA Member organisations will gain insights on the true value of capturing patient feedback throughout their care journey.

Visit the Cemplicity website today to learn more.