Better Care Everywhere: Healthcare variation in practice webinar series

Published 11 March 2020, revised 12 January 2021

Better Care Everywhere webinar series

What is healthcare variation? How does it impact appropriateness of care and patient outcomes? What can you do about it in your role?

The Better Care Everywhere webinar series, hosted by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care across February 2021, will answer these questions and more.

The program will feature five webinars and 15 leading experts discussing the key drivers of healthcare variation and how to identify, investigate and address unwarranted healthcare variation.

Webinars will explore why Australians aren’t getting the same care everywhere, how to prevent opioid prescribing problems, practical tips for vanishing variation, and using the NSQHS Standards User Guide for the Review of Clinical Variation in Health Care as a roadmap to better care.

Join us for one webinar or more to discover how to deliver the best possible care in a range of healthcare settings.