Workplace Rehabilitation – Making a Difference Every Day

Published 6 September 2021

Are you looking for an exciting and challenging career, one in which you can use your allied health qualification?  Then a career in workplace rehabilitation could be just for you!

Workplace Rehabilitation Consultants (WRCs) are qualified health professionals who specialise in the complex needs of workers and employers to achieve timely and sustainable return to work/life outcomes.

WRCs are independent of other stakeholders and ensure medical assessment and treatment services for people with injuries are coordinated, goal driven, evidence-based and timely.

As a WRC, your role will be assisting injured workers return to work and your focus will be on understanding the worker’s injury, workplace environment, prognosis and treatment plan, to assist in developing a return to work plan.

The Careers in Workplace Rehabilitation website provides a comprehensive overview of the industry and details the types of roles available and qualifications required.  Check out careers in workplace rehab