AHPA awarded TAC grant

Published 30 October 2023, revised 7 November 2023

In collaboration with the Patient Experience Agency, Allied Health Professions Australia have been awarded a $150, 000 TAC Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) Grant Program to create a replicable, scalable model of VBHC change for allied health practitioners.  

This model will focus on preparing practices to partner with patients to improve patient experience outcomes; and demonstrate that supporting VBHC capability innovation and growth leads to long-lasting change outcomes for allied health professionals. 

Taking place over 14 months, the project will see clinical experts participating in a trial of innovation and adoption of a value-based model with the goal of creating a community of TAC innovation champions. 

The project will use a Theory of Change & Evidence Based Coaching approach to support clinicians and practices as they innovate and implement VBHC, upskilling them in nine areas of patient experience improvement.  

The chosen innovation pathway is new to the allied health sector. Known as the PX Accelerator, the program is health profession agnostic and has been created to methodically help clinicians benchmark their current patient experience maturity.  Practitioners who participate in the program will understand the elements of VBHC implementation, set their own goal state, and determine what they can innovate in their practice to impact the patient outcomes. 

VBHC is critical to all areas of practice, but until now, pilots have largely taken place in public hospitals. This project will allow allied health practitioners to develop the skills and assessment measures needed to transform their private practices, and the confidence to meet the ever-growing demand for services.  

A PDF version of this statement is available here.