AHPA NDIS registration grant update

Published 18 July 2019

As of July 1st, 2019, allied health and other healthcare providers in Victoria, Tasmania, ACT, the Northern Territory and Queensland are now subject to the registration requirements of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. These are the same requirements that have applied to providers in New South Wales and South Australia since July 1st, 2018. That means any allied health provider wishing to register to provide NDIS services, except those in Western Australia, must now register as new providers or renew registration with the NDIS Commission.

What does this mean for you?

The new registration requirements now apply in all states and territories, other than WA. New providers will need to register with the NDIS Commission before they can deliver services (see below for more information). Providers that are already registered with the NDIS will have received Certificates of Registration from the Commission, extending their registration.

Providers that that have received Certificates of Registration will not need to make any decisions about renewing registration, or commit financially, until the date of expiry of their Certificate of Registration. They will need to complete renewal with the Commission before the expiry of their registration, however this is free and will extend their registration to allow them to undertake an external audit. We recommend providers start the renewal process early and allow plenty of time to undertake the work required for both renewal and the audit itself. The AHPA grant activities outlined below are intended to support you throughout that process.

NDIS Commission-funded grant to support allied health providers

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) was recently awarded a grant by the NDIS Commission to support providers with the new registration process. Please note that the AHPA funding is not designed to assist individual providers with the costs of their audit.

AHPA will be working with individual professions to develop detailed resources and support materials that will help providers prepare for and meet the requirements of verification and certification level audits. They will be supported by dedicated webinars and a dedicated allied health registration website. AHPA will roll out its new website and resources in the coming months. We’ll provide updates via the AHPA website and through individual allied health professional associations. In the meantime we encourage you to review the information and links provided below to help you understand the process of registering as an NDIS provider.

Potential changes to certification and verification requirements

The NDIS Commission registration process introduces new requirements and potential costs for allied health businesses. Those costs can be significant, particularly for providers needing to undertake certification-level audits. AHPA and your member associations are very aware of the impact this may have on your business and have been actively advocating on your behalf. We are working closely with the NDIS Commission as well as Federal, State and Territory disability ministers to raise awareness about those issues.

The issue of cost was discussed at the Disability Reform Council meeting on Friday 28th June and we understand the Commission is further reviewing the registration requirements. The Council noted in its meeting summary that ‘the Commissioner is continuing to work with stakeholders to identify and respond to any emerging issues with implementing the framework, including impacts on small business and providers.’

 AHPA is hopeful that changes will be made to reduce the number of providers that need to undertake a full certification audit. This is most likely to apply to providers registering to provide Therapeutic Supports. We will continue to provide updates regarding any changes to the registration process.

How does registration work?

The new registration process now applies for registration with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) in all states and territories except WA.  Any provider seeking NDIS registration outside WA will now need to either register as a new provider or will need to re-register.

  • A new provider is anyone whose registration has lapsed or who has not previously registered with the NDIA. You will need to complete registration with the NDIA Commission before you can provide services to NDIS participants*.
  • Re-registration applies to any provider who was registered with the NDIA on July 1st 2018 (NSW and SA) and July 1st 2019 (VIC, TAS, ACT, NT and QLD). You will have received a certificate of registration from the NDIS Commission as well as instructions on how and when you will need to re-register.

Registered NDIS providers

For existing registered NDIS service providers in NSW, SA, ACT, NT, QLD, TAS and VIC:

  • You have automatically been transferred from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to the NDIS Commission.
  • You must renew your registration within the date shown on your Certificate of Registration to maintain your registration status with the NDIS Commission.
  • If you need to change any aspect of your existing registration, please contact the NDIS Commission to discuss a variation to your registration.

Currently registered providers are advised to renew their registration, even if they are still deciding about whether to complete the entire registration and audit process. If you allow your registration to lapse, you will need to register as a new provider.

New provider registrations

If you have not previously registered with the NDIA and wish to provide disability services anywhere other than WA, you will need to register as a new provider. To do so you will need to complete an online application. Before beginning the application, we recommend you review the application support pack and prepare the following information:

  • Information about you and your organisation, including your principal business address, primary contacts and if applicable, information about your corporate structure and governance arrangements.
  • Which registration groups you wish to register for and the locations in which your supports/services are available.
  • Responses to the self-assessment questions. You will need to be able to explain how your organisation meets the practice standards and may need to upload supporting evidence.
  • Any past bankruptcies, convictions or other matters which may affect your suitability to deliver supports and services to participants (you are required to disclose this information).

*Providers that are not registered to provide NDIS services can provide some services to participants that are self-managed or plan-managed.

For more information about registration, visit the NDIS Commission provider website, which has extensive information for providers.