AHPA NDIS registration support project update

Published 11 November 2019

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) is pleased to announce that we will soon be ready to launch our dedication National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registration support website for allied health providers. The site and associated webinar program are part of the work we are undertaking to help allied health providers to register to provide NDIS services. These NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission-funded grant activities are intended to provide free resources and guidance to help allied health providers prepare for and complete registration and the associated third-party audit process.

What have we been doing?

Over the last few months, AHPA has focused on building a more detailed understanding of the needs of providers. We’ve undertaken one-on-one interviews with a broad range of allied health providers to better understand the level of readiness for registration and the particular areas that providers most require support. We’ve also worked with a number of audit companies to understand their experiences in providing verification and certification-level audits and the issues that they are most commonly seeing with allied health providers.

That process has allowed us to confirm a program of activities and timeline with the NDIS Commission. It has also helped inform the development of resources to support allied health providers seeking to register with the new NDIS Commission. Those resources are currently being tested and finalised and will be rolled out over the coming months. We’re also finalising work on the dedicated website to ensure that we’re providing the materials in a manner that allows providers to self-navigate and self-support as they work through content.

We’ll shortly send out a link to the new website via your professional association but also encourage you to sign up for updates via this link: http://eepurl.com/gJroTD.

Planned changes to NDIS registration

AHPA has continued to engage with the NDIS Commission around potential changes to the registration rules. We have argued strongly for the need to ensure that the registration process is not too onerous for providers, particularly of low-risk supports. We’re pleased to advise that the NDIS Commission has been responsive to sector concerns and is currently working on potential adjustments.

We understand that the NDIS Commission is currently finalising a consultation process with State and Territory Ministers to seek support for the proposed changes. The NDIS Commissioner will then take into account feedback from Ministers before finalising the Rules. Communication with providers and auditors will then be undertaken and the new arrangements are expected to commence from the 1st of January, 2020.

The NDIS Commission advises that they are communicating with providers who will benefit from the changes to make sure they don’t start anything they don’t need to. If you are uncertain about whether the proposed changes might impact your registration process, please contact the NDIS Commission on 1800 035 544 or visit their website at ndiscommission.gov.au/.

AHPA is taking into account potential changes in the work it is doing and will ensure materials and website content are updated in line with any changes.