AHPA presentation to MBS Review Allied Health Reference Group

Published 24 July 2018

Allied Health Professions Australia will present to the MBS Review Allied Health Reference Group┬áin Canberra this Thursday in support of recommendations we’ve made for changes to Medicare to improve access to allied health care for Australian health consumers.

AHPA will be represented by our CEO, Claire Hewat, as well as representatives from the Dietitians Association of Australia, Osteopathy Australia and Speech Pathology Australia. The presentation to the Reference Group provides an opportunity for AHPA to highlight key recommendations in the submissions we’ve made and to answer any questions group members may have.

AHPA will also participate in an additional presentation later in the day in conjunction with our colleagues from the Australian Allied Health Leadership Forum. The later session provides an opportunity to highlight specific access issues in rural and remote Australia and for Indigenous Australians, as well as the impact the current MBS structure has on hospitalisations and other state and territory health services.

The AHPA recommendations focus on several key areas:

  • improving access and equity for health consumers
  • removing barriers to the effective use of items by allied health providers
  • improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the Medicare-funded system.

Our recommendations for the Chronic Disease Management items propose longer consultation times and increased annual limits, particularly for newly diagnosed patients or people showing high risk of adverse impacts. A more detailed overview of all of our recommendations and the evidence that underpins those is available in our Framework and accompanying position statements.

Our recommendations for the Group Diabetes items focus primarily on removing barriers to use by practitioners. The current rebate per patient is such that it is difficult for practitioners to offer services without significant co-payments or risking a loss of income.

Our recommendations for the Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder/ Pervasive Development Disorder focus on additional assessment options as well replacing lifetime limits with annual limits that are available to support the young person through key developmental stages.

We encourage you to review our various MBS submissions, all of which are included on our Advocacy page to find out more about the work AHPA is doing in conjunction with its association members to support a more equitable and effective health system.