AHPA is seeking two Independent Directors (voluntary)

At a Special General Meeting in February 2019, members approved a new Constitution which transitioned AHPA to a skills-based board.  The Constitution now provides for the appointment of Independent Directors.  AHPA currently has 7 ‘member nominated and elected’ Directors and capacity at this time for up to 2 independent Directors (voluntary).

The skills and attributes required of directors are included in a skills matrix and can be broadly categorised into 3 areas.

Professional Director Skills (Board Directors should have a balance of these skills and they should be held collectively by the Board as a whole.)

Industry Specific Skills (Allied Health and Membership organisations)

 Interpersonal Skills (all board members should have these skills)

Whilst appointments to the Board are based upon merit, the Board as a whole should encompass diversity in experience, skills and perspectives.

Criteria for specific skills sought at this time

  • Previous Experience of Directorship and / or formal governance training is essential

The specific governance and professional skills and personal attributes sought in the new Independent Directors at this time and therefore highly valued are:

  • Business Development / Diversification and Income Generation: Ability to identify opportunities to create long term value for the organisation, sustainability and growth, and to minimise reliance on any one source of income.
  • Internal Policy Development: Ability to identify key issues for the organisation and develop appropriate policy parameters within which the organisation should operate.
  • Political influence: Strong understanding of the political environment with experience in exerting political influence and effective networking.

The following skills are also desirable:

  • Risk & Compliance:  Ability to identify key risks to the organisation related to each key area of operations, and to monitor risk and compliance and knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Finance & Audit: Experience in accounting and finance to analyse statements, assess financial viability, contribute to financial planning, oversee budgets, oversee funding arrangements.

The Governance Committee will review Applicants against AHPA’s skills matrix, giving high regard to the above skills, and the complement of the Applicant’s skill base against the current Board.

How to apply for an Independent Director position

Applications must be made on the attached Application Form along with an up to date Curriculum Vitae / Resume.  NB: Allied health professionals are not eligible to apply.  AHPA is specifically seeking external independents.

Applications must be received by 5:00pm AEST on Friday 23rd August 2019 by emailing [email protected].    Applicants who are shortlisted will be invited to attend an interview.

Enquiries: For further information about the role, please email through your contact information and one of our Directors will get back to you as soon as possible.

AHPA Independent Directors: Further information

AHPA Independent Directors: Application Form

Board Skills Matrix


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