AHPRA and National Boards granted new powers to protect the public

Published 25 May 2023

AHPRA and National Boards have been granted additional powers to protect the public. From 15 May 2023, changes made to the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law will affect both regulated and non-regulated professions.

The 15 reforms allow AHPRA and National Boards to make public statements about practitioners to protect the public, as well as take disciplinary action against practitioners who continue to practice or use a protected title after their registration has lapsed, and many other actions.

AHPRA CEO Martin Fletcher welcomed the reform while noting the significance of the new power.

‘We will be able to warn the public about dangerous individuals and let them know what they need to do if they have been exposed to patient safety risks such as a serious infection control issue,’ Mr Fletcher said.

‘We will be using this power sparingly, but in exceptional cases it will help us better protect the public,’ he said.

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