Webinars: Allied Health and My Health Record (August 7)

The Australian Digital Health Agency and Allied Health Professions Australia are co-hosting a webinar on August 7th that will focus on My Health Record and its use by allied  health professionals. The webinar is intended to help allied health practitioners understand more about My Health Record as part of work being undertaken to support the shift to opt-out consumer recruitment.

The webinar will be presented by the Agency, AHPA and allied health practitioners who are using the My Health Record. In addition to a general introduction to the system, the webinar will also focus on privacy and security to support practitioners who may deal with sensitive health information.

Allied Health and the My Health Record Webinar

7th August 2018, 7pm to 8.15pm

A standalone session that provides an introduction to the My Health Record for allied health. This session will include additional content focused around privacy and security that may be particularly relevant for consulting professions (such as psychologists, social workers, and occupational therapists).

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