Allied Health Professions Australia partners with HR Advice Online

Published 21 December 2021

We are pleased to announce HR Advice Online (HRAOL) has been selected as our HR service provider and Member Benefit Partner.

The partnership package demonstrates HRAOL’s commitment to the allied health sector by delivering value to AHPA, as the umbrella organisation for allied health professions, AHPA’s member organisations and the allied health practice owners in their membership.

HRAOL provides access to friendly, straightforward help from HR experts who understand allied health awards, the relevant employment laws and the environment. HRAOL can be considered as your one stop shop for all HR matters – your HR team without the overheads.

AHPA CEO, Claire Hewat, says the partnership delivers added value for members.

“During the pandemic, we know that our members, and their members have been seeking advice on how to manage employment issues like staff in quarantine and mandatory vaccinations. Through this partnership, members will now be able to get friendly, straightforward HR help from the experts,” said Claire.

Indeed, the partnership offers our members the opportunity to access a comprehensive package of benefits for themselves and their members.

HR Advice Online Directors, Sally Garner and Kerrie Canning, have a strong personal and professional interest in allied health and have also worked extensively with member organisations in other sectors.

For further information, visit our Partnership page.