Board and Staff changes at AHPA

New Board appointments

Allied Health Professions Australia is pleased to announce that Cris Massis, CEO of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, was appointed Chair of the AHPA Board at our Annual General Meeting on April 10th. Cris takes over from long time Chair, Lyn Littlefield. Cris will be supported in his role by Gail Mulcair, CEO of Speech Pathology Australia, who has been appointed Deputy Chair. Anita Hobson-Powell has been re-appointed to the role of Chair of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of our Board office bearers in 2017/18: Professor Lyn Littlefield, Executive Director of the Australian Psychological Society, Cris Massis and Anita Hobson-Powell. We’d further like to acknowledge the work of all of our directors.

We would particularly like to highlight the work of longstanding AHPA Chair, Lyn Littlefield, who held the role of Chair for 14 years. During that time Lyn was instrumental in supporting the growth and development of AHPA as well as undertaking an enormous number of representative activities on behalf of AHPA and its members. Lyn’s knowledge and expertise as well as her support and generosity have been invaluable in providing the foundation for AHPA to become the acknowledged voice of Australia’s allied health workforce. We sincerely thank Lyn for her commitment to the organization.

Appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer

It is with some sadness that we recently farewelled Lin Oke, who in her role as Executive Officer at AHPA oversaw many significant developments in the organisation including securing a wide range of grants and projects, attracting peak body funding support, attracting new members and building AHPA’s network and reputation. We wish Lin all the best in her retirement.

We are excited to welcome new Chief Executive Officer, Claire Hewat, who will step into her new role at AHPA from May 21st. Claire Hewat (BSc Hons 1, Dip Nutr & Diet, Dip Management, AdvAPD) has been the CEO of DAA for over 13 years and previously had extensive management experience in the health industry, including as a Director of Community and Allied Health in South Western Sydney. As the DAA representative on AHPA for many years Claire has a broad knowledge of the issues facing allied health and looks forward to working with the members and staff of AHPA and its many stakeholders to raise the profile of allied health practitioners in all the varied and important aspects of their work in a range of settings.


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