Help shape the future: Allied Health Digital Transformation Survey

Published 21 March 2024, revised 24 March 2024

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) in collaboration with the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) is working to ensure streamlined access and connection to digital health products (such as My Health Record, Provider Connect AustraliaTM and e-prescribing).

To help with this, AHPA has developed the Allied Health Digital Transformation Survey and will use the insights from this data to inform change and digital adoption strategies, develop resources, training and education material to support the allied health sector.

This is a great opportunity to hear directly from allied health professionals and to be part of these Government driven digital initiatives for two key reasons:

  • to more easily share a consumers health information with doctors, specialists, and other members of their care team;
  • to enable safe and secure use of other digital products into the future.

Who should complete this survey?

  • All practicing allied health professionals who are providing services directly to consumers.


  • The survey findings will assist AHPA and the Agency to develop and deliver relevant resources, training and support needed to make it easier for you to understand, connect with and use digital health products such as My Health Record, Provider Connect AustraliaTM (PCA) and e-prescribing.
  • By participating, you will provide valuable insights that will:
    • inform the development and implementation of change and adoption strategies to enable your profession to connect to (and use) digital health products effectively; and
    • increase the digital literacy of allied health professionals.

What happens with your answers?

  • All data in this consultation process is confidential.
  • Your responses will be submitted to the Agency and collated and stored securely by the Agency in accordance with the attached Notification of the collection of personal information and associated privacy policy.
  • The only identifying data sought relates to the provision of your email address (if you consent to being contacted for repetition of this survey in 12 months).
    Note: Survey repetition is planned to enable evaluation of the support provided over time. If preferred, you can complete the survey without providing your email address, your information will still be immensely helpful to informing policy, strategy, and advocacy at this time.
  • Data will be securely shared and stored with AHPA for the purposes of collation, analysis and reporting of findings.
  • Group results for each allied health profession and the allied health sector holistically will be shared with professional associations, The Agency, the Department of Health and Aged Care (DoHAC) and published publicly where appropriate.

Complete the Allied Health Digital Transformation Survey today!

Survey closes Sunday 21 April, 2024.