ICECAP Symposium: Developing Innovative Models of Care

Published 10 June 2021, revised 19 July 2021

Our first policy symposium of 2021, ICECAP Symposium: Developing Innovative Models of Care will be hosted in Melbourne this October.
Exclusive to AHPA member CEOs and Senior Policy Officers, this symposium focuses on developing models of care that encompass: Innovation, Collaboration, Equity, Connection, Access and Prevention (ICECAP).

We are looking forward to hosting six featured speakers, including Anne-marie Boxall, Ben Harris, Stephen Mason, Gabrielle O’Kane, David Cullen, and Faye McMillan.  The event will also include a panel discussion.

Key benefits of these symposiums include:

  • Gaining intelligence on key policy issues both collectively and as individual associations
  • Gaining access to key influencers in the policy space
  • Developing a plan for future collective action in the policy area
  • Networking opportunity for association leaders and policy staff.

We look forward to hosting a productive day for those invited to attend.

If your allied health organisation is considering an AHPA membership in order to be involved in these events, please see our membership tab, or contact us.