Implementing the new Charter of Aged Care Rights

Published 15 July 2019

On July 1st 2019, a new, single Charter of Aged Care Rights replaced multiple charters for different aged care providers. The Charter’s 14 consumer rights apply to all people who use Australian Government-funded aged care services, regardless of the type of service or care they receive. Rights from the previous charters have been maintained through the Charter, the new Aged Care Quality Standards, and other laws regarding the delivery and quality of aged care.

The new Charter makes it easier for easier for consumers, their families, carers and representatives to understand their rights and what they can expect from an aged care service. It will also reduce regulatory compliance for providers delivering multiple types of care.

Time frames for implementing these new requirements are:

1 July 2019 – all requirements apply to new care recipients of all aged care programs.

30 September 2019 – all requirements apply to existing consumers of:

  • transition care
  • multi-purpose services in a residential setting
  • residential care
  • short-term restorative care in a residential setting

30 September 2019 – a copy of the Charter must be sent to all existing CHSP care recipients.

31 December 2019 – all requirements apply to existing consumers of:

  • multi-purpose services in a community setting
  • National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care
  • home care
  • short-term restorative care in a home setting.

30 June 2020existing CHSP care recipients must be helped to understand the Charter and be given a reasonable opportunity to sign a copy of the Charter.

Resources, including a booklet and poster, are available to support providers’ awareness and understanding of the Charter.

For more information visit the Department of Health Ageing and Aged Care website.