National Allied Health Engagement Toolkit project launched

Published 28 May 2024

AHPA is pleased to announce the launch of the National Allied Health Engagement Toolkit project.

Lead by , the project aims to provide practical resources and guidance to support allied health professionals and their practices to engage with local health systems, PHN programs, and government primary care initiatives.

AHPA is assisting with the development of the Toolkit with the aim of providing knowledge and expertise, facilitating engagement with members, and supporting consultation activities.

We have  from the CEO of HNECC PHN, outlining upcoming consultation activities and the opportunity to participate in an . We’d be grateful if you could participate in the survey and share it with your members to support their participation.

We have also  developed by HNECC PHN, which provides additional detail about the project and the HNECC PHN allied health team can be reached via  if you have any questions.