NDIS for Allied Health Professionals Training Modules

Published 11 April 2018, revised 12 April 2018

In 2017,  Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) developed a series of training modules to provide information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme for allied health professionals. AHPA was able to develop and provide access to the Introduction to the National Disability Insurance Scheme for Allied Health Professionals training modules with the assistance of a National Disability Insurance Agency grant.

AHPA is currently finalising access to those modules in 2018 and expects to announce their availability before the end of April. While a small fee will be charged for access to the modules, we are working to keep that as low as possible. We will have an updated announcement on our website with details shortly. In the meantime we encourage you to also look at the resources available for providers on the NDIS website.

Please click here for further information: NDIS provider website.