Pedorthic Association of Australia


Address PO Box 349, Dee Why, NSW 2099
Phone: 1300 734 644



The Pedorthic Association of Australia is the peak representative body of pedorthists, who are client-centric health professionals who are trained in the analysis and treatment of gait and foot & ankle problems with the use of prefabricated and custom-made orthopaedic footwear, foot orthotics, and ankle braces.


To bring pedorthics to the forefront of foot and lower limb healthcare so more Australians can experience the benefits of pedorthic care.



The Pedorthic Association of Australia works to raise the profile and recognition of the pedorthic profession in Australia, engaging in advocacy and lobbying activities directly with Federal and State

Regulation/ Accreditation

Pedorthics is a self-regulated profession. The Pedorthic Association of Australia implements policies and procedures whereby its members voluntarily declare to uphold standards & codes and to complete annual continuing professional development in order to utilise the Certified Pedorthist Custom Maker title.  The Certified Pedorthist Custom Maker meets AHPA’s definition of an allied health professional.  To avoid confusion around the term ‘pedorthist’, there are 2 lower levels of certification for those members who do not have an AQF7 qualification, being a Certified Pedorthist and a Certified Pedorthic Retailer.   The qualifications of these categories of membership are not that of a comparable level to allied health professionals.