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Supporting allied health practice owners

The private allied health landscape is changing. Practitioners are increasingly shifting from solo practice to working together in group practices, many of which are multidisciplinary.

At the same time practitioners are increasingly under pressure to deliver not only high quality healthcare but also to navigate a complex world of funding streams, accreditation processes, digital systems and more. Many of these requirements have little direct connection to clinical practice or individual allied health professions and instead are much more about supporting the needs of allied health practice owners.

Scoping an allied health practice owners network

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) and its member associations recently began work to scope the feasibility of a self-sustaining Allied Health Practice Owners Network (AHPON). The project has been generously funded through the Department of Health’s Primary Health Care Development Program Schedule and aims to work closely with the diverse allied health professions to understand and document the potential features of such a network. While the project will not include the implementation of a network, it provides an important opportunity to understand the current and future needs of allied health practices and how these are best supported.

When is the project being undertaken?

The AHPON project has been funded to run from July 2017 until December 2017. The project has officially commenced and a range of activities are currently being undertaken. Updates will be posted here as the project progresses.

What is the project seeking to achieve?

The AHPON project aims to understand the challenges faced by allied health practice owners and the specific needs they have related to the running of their practices. This will involve extensive engagement with practice owners, covering everything from small, mobile part-time practices, to mid-sized single profession practices, to large, multi-site multidisciplinary practices.

The project will seek to document the needs and challenges those different practices experience and determine the extent to which existing support solutions exist. Where there are gaps in the support systems available to practice owners, the project will canvas opportunities for developing solutions. It will also engage with key government and other stakeholders to understand how they may wish to increase their ability to engage with practice owners.

The project will propose options for a practice owner’s network that supports allied health practice owners to work collaboratively across disciplines, and to prepare and support practice owners through the rollout of state, territory and national programs and initiatives. The proposed AHPON may operate as a lead agency providing a central point of contact, communications exchange, and an agent for gathering and maintaining workforce data.

Getting involved

If you are an allied health practice owner then we are interested in talking to you and getting your feedback. We’ll be undertaking consultation with practice owners throughout September, October and November. We’ll provide further updates on this website as that work begins but encourage you to contact Corey who is overseeing the AHPON project.

More information

For more information about the AHPON project, please contact:

Corey Tatz
Senior Project Officer
Allied Health Professions Australia
Phone: 0405 251 491

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