Digital health for allied health practitioners

Digital health and allied health

AHPA has undertaken a range of activities in support of the use of digital health technology by allied health professionals. We work closely with the Australian Digital Health Agency and other government departments as well as with key stakeholders such as Primary Health Networks to advocate for the role and needs of the allied health sector around the use of digital health technology. We have also worked on developing a range of resources and delivering support activities on behalf of our member organisations to support allied health practices.

Use of digital health technology

Through our work to promote use of My Health Record by allied health practitioners, AHPA and its member associations have identified the need to provide additional support for practices that are not yet utilizing clinical information systems, secure messaging and other forms of digital health technology. We are very aware of the complex range of options that exist for practices and the lack of consistent information and guidance about the constantly evolving digital health space.

We are currently working on a range of digital health activities in conjunction with the Australian Digital Health Agency and our members to support allied health practitioners in understanding their options, identifying what their needs might be, and having access to the tools and resources that can support decision-making. A key focus has been the delivery of a digital health webinar series, each of which has been recorded and is available for you to view. We’ve also developed a series of related tools and resources. All of these are freely available to allied health practices to assist them in their use of digital health technology and can be found either at the bottom of this page or on our Resources page.

My Health Record

With the recent announcement that Australia will be moving to an opt-out system in 2018, AHPA believes that there will be a rapid increase in the number of consumers and health providers using My Health Record. As such we believe it will be important for allied health practitioners to understand how they can use and contribute to My Health Record and what implications it might have for their practice. We also recognize that there are a range of factors that may make use of My Health Record challenging for allied health practitioners and we are working to advocate for improvements that will reduce these.

We will continue to develop this page with updated information, links, and resources relate to My Health Record throughout 2017 and 2018. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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