Past projects

Prior to 2024 AHPA completed numerous projects aimed at progressing stakeholders understanding of the allied health sector both generally and as relevant to digital readiness and potential methods for inclusion to national digital infrastructure.

In conducting this work AHPA built knowledge and relationships which have enabled a platform for more extensive work into the future. We look forward to providing updates on our current work program into the future.

Event Summary: Sector wide expansion of Aged Care template

With support from the Australian Digital Health Agency (Agency) and in collaboration with allied health practitioners, consumers, and other healthcare providers from across the sector, AHPA identified the critical clinical information required to be entered to My Health Record (MHR) for consumers receiving Aged Care services.

In 2023, AHPA will be seeking to expand this initial work to ensure it is applicable to all consumers receiving allied health care services irrelevant to their care needs. These information requirements need to be identified to enable work to begin adapting the digital infrastructure to enable the inclusion of this information in the longer term.

Numerous challenges and nuances exist when considering the applicability and possibilities of implementing allied health information into MHR given the diversity and differences of allied health professions across the many valuable services they deliver. AHPA will continue to work with both allied health professionals, the Agency and other relevant stakeholders to understand and navigate these challenges and nuances. The time frame for completion of this work is yet to be determined.

Allied Health Digital Health Reference Group

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA), in collaboration with the Australian Digital Health Agency (Agency), is convening a time-limited Reference Group to guide allied health digital strategy.

The reference group will focus on the specific digital health task of connecting the health system and providing more efficient, personalised, and precise health care delivery via Australia’s My Health Record (MHR) system.

Over the course of a 3-part meeting series from March to May 2023 the group will aim to determine what work, in what sequence needs to be done to integrate allied health clinical information to MHR to ensure:

  • A nationally applicable, fast approach
  • Efficient methods of information capturing and sharing are facilitated
  • Information is easily identified and readily understood
  • Future digital infrastructure updates can be applied to allied health related information in parallel with other health professional groups
  • The future sees it become easy for consumers to use their MHR with allied health professionals.

We are pleased to confirm the participants of the reference group and thank them all for sharing their valuable time, knowledge, and skills.

Bronwyn Morris-Donovan: Chief Executive Officer, Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA)
Jackie O’Connor: Senior Advisor & Reference Group Facilitator, AHPA
Michael Blancia:  Digital Health Program Officer, Wentworth Healthcare – Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network
Monica Hadges: Mental Health Consultant, Clinician & Trainer
Imelda Gilmore: Consumer Advocate
Dr Jamie Marshall: Clinical Psychologist / Digital Health Advisor, Australian Digital Health Agency
Ty Halse: Chief Digital Officer, Australian Psychological Society
Damian Gough: Virtual Podiatrist
Jeremy Carr: Representing Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health and Director Back on Track Physiotherapy
Sarah Hill: Assistant Director: Allied Health Section, Department of Health and Aged Care
Emma Hossack: Chief Executive Officer, Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA Ltd)
Monica Zidar: Vice President, Australian Music Therapy Association; Director Queensland Paediatric Allied Health
David Britten: Chief Executive Officer,
Belinda Swan: Director ,My Health Record Section / Digital Health Branch, Department of Health and Aged Care
Louise Schaper: Chief Executive Officer, Australasian Institute of Digital Health