Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) and its members regularly develop resources and guidance to help allied health practitioners in their work and to support their ongoing education and professional development.

AHPA may also occasionally share resources developed by other organisations. The resources available through AHPA are intended to be multidisciplinary in nature and reflect the organisation’s broad focus. If you are seeking resources for a specific profession, please visit the homepage of your professional association. We ask that you do not host or reproduce these resources without express permission from AHPA or the original content developer.

29 April 2019 • Disability

Communique: Commonwealth Continuity of Support Programme

This communique provides information about the Commonwealth Continuity of Support (CoS) Programme. This has been developed to continue support for people aged 65 and over (and Indigenous people aged 50 and over) who are receiving state-managed specialist disability services but are ineligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Download Commonwealth Continuity of Support Programme (.pdf, 24.09 KB)

10 April 2019 • Other

Allied Health Minimum Dataset

In December 2018, four Allied Health National Best Practice Allied Health Minimum Data Sets were  included in METeOR, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s repository for national metadata standards for the health, community services and housing assistance sectors. This represent a huge step in ensuring that that allied health data standards are recognised at a National level and utilised for important funding work such as that undertaken by the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority.

These data sets have been further developed by an allied health e-health collaborative and based on the Allied Health Minimum Dataset and Health Activity Hierarchy (HAH) 2001.

Visit METeOR website

4 October 2018 • AHPA Resources

NDIS Training Modules for Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) is pleased to present the Introduction to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for Allied Health Professionals course. This course has been developed by AHPA and its member associations to provide an introduction to the Scheme for allied health professionals who may be considering providing NDIS services. More information about the training is available by clicking here.

Visit NDIS training module

9 October 2017 • Digital health

Understanding health practitioner privacy obligations for My Health Record use

The Office of the Information Commissioner has developed a range of resources to help health practitioners to understand their privacy obligations under the My Health Record legislation and Privacy Act.

Visit Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website

12 September 2017 • AHPA Resources

My Health Record for Allied Health Providers

This is the fourth webinar in AHPA’s 4-part technology series for allied health professionals. The webinar focuses on My Health Record for allied health providers including benefits of using the My Health Record system, how to connect to the system, how to upload event summaries and how to embed use of the system in your practice to improve communication and patient care.

Slides from the presentation are also available for download.

Watch My Health Record for Allied Health Providers webinar Download My Health Record for Allied Health Providers slides (.pdf, 1.80 MB)

11 September 2017 • AHPA Resources

Allied Health Software Selection Assistance Tool

This software tool, developed in conjunction with TrainIT Medical, has been designed to help you determine your practice’s needs regarding a clinical information system.

The spreadsheet has been developed by AHPA to help allied health practitioners know more about the range of software packages available and which functions they each offer.

The provider contact list, also developed with TrainIT Medical, has been collated to help allied health practitioners quickly find out how to contact various software vendors. The information presented has been supplied by the software vendors.

Download Software Selection Assistance Tool (.pdf, 393.00 KB) Download Allied health software spreadsheet (.pdf, 259.10 KB) Download Allied health software provider contact list (.pdf, 275.86 KB)