About AHPA

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) is the recognised national voice for allied health professions in Australia, representing and advocating for the role of allied health professionals in health, aged care, disability, education and all systems where allied health services have a role. As the peak national organisation for allied health professions, AHPA has an important strategic leadership role and is the body that the Federal Government and other national organisations turn to when they seek a collective view of allied health.

Allied health professions provide crucial support for people experiencing disability, chronic illness and a wide range of other health issues. Allied health professionals represent almost a third of the country’s health care workforce and deliver over 200 million health services annually. However, access to allied health services still lags behind medical care. Only by ensuring that allied health services are fully integrated into our health system, and accessible across the country, will we ensure that we are delivering world class support for every Australian.

Our membership

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) is a collegiate body consisting of 19 national allied health associations members and a further ten affiliate members.  AHPA collectively represents some 120,000 allied health professionals who provide services within health in all settings, NDIS, DVA, education, justice, community services sectors and more in Australia. 

AHPA’s governance structure ensures that it is able to engage in effective consultation with its member associations and that AHPA’s work has broad input from allied health professionals working across Australia.

Our strategic plan

The AHPA Board recently met to develop a new strategic plan for the organisation that will guide our activities and focus. Rather than being developed for a set period of time, the strategic plan has been developed as a living document that will be updated regularly as we achieve success in our goals and aspirations and in reaction to external changes.


Our Constitution

AHPA works to provide national leadership that shapes and supports the contribution made by allied health professionals to national health and wellbeing.

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