Allied Health Professions Day

AHPA proudly represents Australia’s allied health workforce and is excited to be celebrating Allied Health Professions Day (AHPs Day) on 14 October 2021.


AHPs day was first held in England in 2018 and is now an international event celebrating and bringing together the allied health professional community.

Allied health professionals have been working on the frontline in hospitals in Australia’s response to COVID-19 and adapting to new methods of service delivery in primary care. From the ICU to community-based rehabilitation, allied health professionals have an important role to play in physical and mental recovery for COVID-19 survivors.

We thank all allied health professionals for the work they are doing in contributing to COVID-19 recovery for individuals and for the ongoing care they are continuing to provide the broader community throughout the pandemic.

Digital Kit

We have developed a Digital Kit including logos, posters, social media graphics, and other assets for you to share in celebration of Allied Health Professions Day.

We also encourage you to join us in supporting AHPs Day 2021, and raising awareness of the allied health sector by sharing your own social media posts, such as photos of staff events marking the occasion, profiles of allied health teams and practitioners, and videos highlighting the work of different professions.

Don’t forget to  tag us and include event hashtags such as #AHPsDay #AHPsDay2021 #strongertogether #alliedhealth

You can follow AHPA’s coverage of AHPs Day by following us on Linkedin , Facebook and on Twitter at @comms_AHPA. Our media release is available for download here.