Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) and its members regularly develop resources and guidance to help allied health practitioners in their work and to support their ongoing education and professional development.

AHPA may also occasionally share resources developed by other organisations. The resources available through AHPA are intended to be multidisciplinary in nature and reflect the organisation’s broad focus. If you are seeking resources for a specific profession, please visit the homepage of your professional association. We ask that you do not host or reproduce these resources without express permission from AHPA or the original content developer.

18 February 2022 • Disability

AHPA Online Learning: Introduction to the NDIS for allied health professionals

We are pleased to announce that we are re-launching our online learning module, ‘Introduction to the NDIS for allied health professionals’ having updated and refreshed the content.

Hosted on the Australian Psychological Society’s online learning platform, this course is suitable for students and graduates, and all AHPs new to working within the framework of the NDIS.  The course provides an overview and familiarisation of the scheme, the NDIS website and the areas of relevancy to AHPs.

Access the course registration link here, registration fee is $130.

Professionals who are a member of an AHPA Member Organisation can access the training at a discounted registration ($55), please contact your Member organisation for details.

Visit Introduction to the NDIS for allied health professionals

20 December 2019 • AHPA Resources

NDIS Registration Support website for allied health

AHPA has launched a dedicated website with free resources to help allied health professionals meet NDIS Commission requirements and achieve NDIS provider registration.

Visit Visit NDIS Support Registration Website

9 May 2019 • Disability

NDIS Commission short course for disability workers

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Quality and Safeguards Commission has developed a free online short course to help workers in the disability sector to better support people with disability.

The short course is called ‘Quality, Safety and You’ and covers an introduction to the NDIS, the role of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, and roles and responsibilities under the Code of Conduct including requirements related to human rights, respect and risk. The module takes around 90 minutes to complete.

Visit NDIS Worker Orientation Module

29 April 2019 • Disability

Communique: Commonwealth Continuity of Support Programme

This communique provides information about the Commonwealth Continuity of Support (CoS) Programme. This has been developed to continue support for people aged 65 and over (and Indigenous people aged 50 and over) who are receiving state-managed specialist disability services but are ineligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Download Commonwealth Continuity of Support Programme (.pdf, 24.09 KB)