Letter to DVA about student placements in primary care settings

February 2019

AHPA has written to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) raising concerns about revisions to guidelines for funding of services provided in conjunction with students.

Changes to DVA guidelines restrict students to observation only for services billed to DVA. This makes the training of students untenable for many allied health practices and prevents students from gaining the necessary hands-on experience in patient care. AHPA’s letter highlights the consequences of this change – that clinical placement opportunities for students will disappear despite the increasing demand for qualified allied health practitioners.

AHPA has also written to the Department of Health on this matter, as the changes were made to bring DVA guidelines into line with those for Medicare.

AHPA continues to advocate for better access to clinical placements for students studying allied health disciplines, as part of its work to ensure a sustainable allied health workforce and maintain consumer access to allied health services.