Our Board and staff

AHPA has an important strategic leadership role in the allied health sector. Our work is informed and guided by our experienced Board and supported by a small and dedicated team of staff.

Our Board

AHPA Directors are appointed annually and are nominated by our individual association members. Each member has the right to nominate a Director, with these typically the Chief Executive Officers of that member organisation. AHPA’s Board provides organisational oversight and is supported by individual Finance, Governance and Staffing sub-committees.

AHPA is also supported by a Member Collaborate Forum, which consists of representatives from each of our member associations. The Forum meets to discuss issues, work collaboratively, and to determine areas of focus and activity for the organisation.

Our Staff

AHPA’s team of dedicated staff work closely with the Board as well as with staff in the individual allied health member associations in support of the goals of the organisation. AHPA is further supported by the work of volunteers and freelance staff where projects require additional support.

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