Re-indexation of MBS Allied Health Services Commences

Published 1 July 2019, revised 9 July 2019

In the 2017–2018 Budget, the Commonwealth Government announced that it would commence the phased re-introduction of indexation of Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) rebates. This has so far applied to GP services. From July 1st, a 1.6% increase in rebates applies to the following allied health services, as well as specialist medical and remaining GP services.

MBS Category 1

A10 Optometrical services

MBS Category 8

M3 Allied Health Services
M6 Psychological Therapy
M7 Focussed Psychological Strategies
M8 Pregnancy Support Counselling
M9 Allied Health Group Services
M10 Autism and disability services
M11 Allied Health for Indigenous Australians
M15 Diagnostic Audiology

For individual allied health services provided under the Chronic Disease Management Scheme (M3 Item numbers 10570 to 10590), indexation represents an increase from $62.25 to $63.25.

Further information about the re-introduction of MBS indexation is available from:

AHPA welcomes the re-introduction of indexation of MBS rebates for allied health services. The changes represent a positive step forward and an important recognition by government that lower fees are impacting the accessibility of services for consumers.

AHPA continues to advocate for a more significant adjustment of fees, particularly those for the Chronic Disease Management program as part of the ongoing MBS Review. Current fees remain well below the true cost of providing adequate patient care and are limiting access for many of those with the greatest need.

For more on AHPA MBS advocacy work visit our Advocacy page.