Election Strategy and Networking Day: Making allied health count

Published 14 July 2021

We’re making allied health count at the election by creating a united front with our members.

On 26 July 2021, AHPA is hosting a member exclusive Election Strategy and Networking Day. Member CEOs and Senior Policy Officers are invited to discuss key issues, opportunities and campaign strategies to bring allied health into the spotlight.

Allied health professionals make up almost a third of the workforce, yet we are rarely consulted on key issues.

We deliver an estimated 200 million health services annually, but remain an afterthought, especially in regard to reform, policy, and models of care.
The negative impact of this lack of recognition echoes across all areas of allied health care, extending to consumers, allied health professionals, and the entire health sector.

It’s time for allied health to be recognised. It’s time for allied health professionals to be acknowledged. It’s time to make allied health count.

If your allied health organisation is considering an AHPA membership in order to be involved in these events, please see our membership tab, or contact us.