AHPA Digital Health newsletter

AHPA continues to work on a number of projects to improve the involvement of the allied health community in digital health initiatives. The AHPA digital health newsletters linked below provide news and information about the work being undertaken on those projects and digital health more generally.

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You can also check out the first and second editions for more about our work with My Health Record. A targeted version with additional registration information for members of the self-regulating allied health professions can be accessed here.

Introducing the National Health Services Directory

AHPA is currently working with Healthdirect Australia and our association members to improve the presence of allied health practitioners in the National Health Services Directory (NHSD). The directory is a key source of information to assist health professionals to find other health professionals to refer to, as well as providing information for people in the community looking for a health service.

Please click here for an overview of the NHSD. 

Strategic Plan for the Allied Health Sector 
During 2015, allied health professionals, general practitioners and public health organisations came together for a series of ‘Strategic Thinking of Allied Health Services in Primary Care’ workshops. Those workshops resulted in the Strategic Plan for the Allied Health Sector document, a great overview of the ideas, views and suggestions of the organisations involved in the development of this document.

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Allied Health Professions Australia: Representing our Member Organisations

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