Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association


The Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association (APPTA) is the peak professional body for Play Therapists in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific Region. APPTA is a young association, being established in 2007, and serves a crucial role in advocating and advancing the profession of play therapy in Australia.

Registered play therapists are trained mental health professionals, who work in a variety of settings, from private practice, community health services, NGO, and schools to hospitals. The registered play therapist works with clients (children, families, adolescents and adults) using a variety of evidenced based approaches.

APPTA’s objectives include:

  • To provide regulation and governance of the Play Therapy profession in Australia and support sub-branches throughout the Asia Pacific region.
  • To work towards the professionalisation and recognition of Play Therapy in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.
  • To maintain a register of APPTA members.
  • To support APPTA members by facilitating professional networks.
  • To advocate within the community that Play Therapy is a developmentally appropriate and evidenced based treatment for children and families.
  • To support evidence-based education and research.
  • To provide accreditation for degrees in play therapy at university level.
  • To raise the awareness of the benefits and limitations of Play Therapy for children, parents, professionals and the community.
  • To provide a means of liaison and a communication channel between APPTA members and kindred organisations in Australia and overseas.

Like other allied health professionals, registered Play Therapists are required to maintain their registration obligations and continue to develop their practice by participating in clinical supervision, personal supervision, and ongoing professional development.

The Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association has developed Clinical Competencies for Play Therapy Practice and Accreditation Standards for training at university level.